Jack And The Magic Stone

Jack And The Magic Stone Little Authors

Jack And The Magic Stone

Jack Lyon is born to parents Harris Lyon and Margarett Lyon. He is their first child and they love him and care for him a lot. He is very playful and naughty. He too loves his parents very much. Soon time passes quickly and he joins school. He is not so much interested in what is taught in school and he is often found bored and distracted in the class. He grows up to become a strong, athletic and handsome young man. He is not concerned about High School although he is much interested in action and adventure.

One day while he was coming back from school to home, he saw the police chasing a big white van which was being driven by some goons. Suddenly out of the back door of van, something peculiar dropped. After the van, followed by the police, sped away, Jack went near the glowing and sparkling object that was jade in colour.

Curiously, Jack touched it and as soon as he did he felt something strange within him. He felt power surge through him. Through his nerves. The fact that surprised him the most was that he felt dizzy. He slowly walked over to the sidewalk and sat down. He kept thinking about the strange object and within a short time he was unconscious.

Little did he know that the glowing stone had given him many amazing which people could barely even think of.

Meanwhile the goons realize that their precious possession was missing and they assumed that the only reason why it wasn’t there with them was because it had fallen out of the van during the chase by the police. They retraced their path and after many hours, found the object and took it back with them without noticing an unconscious boy lying on the sidewalk.

The next morning, Jack is woken up by a few people going on a morning walk. When Jack woke up, he didn’t understand how he had ended up here. One of them asked him, “Hey boy! What happened to you?”, “I -I don’t remember anything.” Jack replied. Then a lady asked him, “Where do you live?” Jack answered , “I live at Boston Street, two blocks away from Boston High School.” She said, “Fine, I can give you a lift in my car and drop you home.” “Thanks!” Jack said with a smile on his face.

He reached home and he met his parents with a happy face. Theirs though, was a mix of joy, surprise, anger and anxiousness. “Where have you been?”, his dad asked. Jack told them what had happened in vivid detail. After all he was a very observant lad. His parents said they were very anxious and were about to report the situation to the police. Jack said he was fine and they didn’t need to worry.

In the next few days, Jack found himself behaving in a different manner unlike usual. He felt over powered. He experienced some strange energy flowing inside his body. He sensed and perceived his environment and surroundings differently. He could not get tired easily. He could do things much easily and efficiently. He could pick up heavier things much effortlessly. He had more stamina in him and was more physically active than ever before.

The people in the van, now got to know about Jack when they got information from one of their agents that he was mysteriously found unconscious beside the road where the precious stone was dropped. They suspected him of coming in contact with that glowing and sparkling object and they feared that he must have got the powers that their master had spoken of. They start searching for him all over the city where the road was located. After searching the entire city, they finally ended up at Boston High School. They waited for all the students to come out after school ended. They found a boy behaving abnormally compared to the other students. They immediately understood that he has been affected by that special stone. When they found him isolated, they kidnapped him. They put him in their vehicle and took him to faraway deserted place. They brought him out of the vehicle and they wanted to extract all the powers that he got from the stone.

Suddenly his powers came to life. He was able to levitate their weapons and throw them away. The kidnappers tried very hard to stop him but they were hopeless. Finally they had to leave him alone and go away.

Now he knew the true potential of his powers. He understood that how powerful he was. Amazed by himself, he returned back home keeping all this as a secret.

Now Jack starts feeling very proud himself. He starts behaving rudely and impolitely with his parents, friends. He starts calling himself,” Mr. Awesomeness”. He does not want others to know about his powers, he does not like going to school everyday. He doesn’t talk or behave properly with others. His parents notice this change in their child. They tried to investigate and find out what is happening.

They secretly starts spying on him. They closely monitored his daily activities. They find out that every night he goes out of the house and practices unleashing and controlling his powers. After seeing this many times, they’re quite amazed and terrified. They recollected their past and saw some connection between the past and the present.

Meanwhile the evil people plan something big and destructive to confront Jack. They planned to create havoc and destruction in the entire city where Jack lived. They decided to put the lives of Thousands of people in jeopardy.

Jack’s parents, now understood everything. They knew that their son was going to fight with the leader of the gang that was wanted all over the world – The Eye.

Before going for the final battle with Electrico and his faithful sidekick – Drake. Jack’s parents tell him that they know the truth and they said, “We were also super powered people once upon a time and we used our powers to save the world and now no one knows about us”.

Jack does not believe his parents. He gets really angry at them and tells them that they are liars and that they don’t know anything about what’s going to happen. Jack leaves his home to go and fight his final battle against Electrico.

It was hard. Electrico had obviously fought in battles before and was therefore better. Still jack had the upper hand – his powers; although they seemed of no use to him now. Electrico was just too good. Jack had been able to fire lasers out of his hands and could even move things with a thought using telekinetic abilities.

Jack fought with all his might. He slashed and burned and tried to hurt Electrico like a madman. Suddenly, he felt a bullet graze his right arm. Pain shot through his body. Pain that he had never felt before.

When Jack had no tricks left up his sleeve, was defeated and was going to be destroyed by Electrico, he saw a man and woman coming towards the battle field. They came to him and said, “Don’t worry, son! We are here to help you out!”.

Jack was astonished and dumbfounded. They were actually his Mom and Dad wearing fancy super powered costumes. They fought with unimagined bravery and they had their youthful strength. Jack helped too.

After a hard fought battle, Electrico was finally defeated. They saved the city even though parts of it were ruined.

Then, they told him that the thing which gave him the powers was an ancient stone which had derived its powers from the evil lord who ruled in the past, which was a secret gift given by the leader of their group of super powered people.

After defeating a greater and far more powerful villain, they said that they were the last from the group to survive.

They said Jack, “Electrico ’s people plan to steal it and were running away when he got its powers by mistake. Electrico’s power is controlled by the stone. Electrico’s energy will take us to the overworld”. They are taken to Electrico’s lair where the stone is kept. Jack’s parents tell him to break it up as this will eliminate Electrico’s power from this world. “It is also dangerous to keep such a thing on earth, as it could create a catastrophe or another situation like this”.

Jack breaks the ancient stone with all his might and blinding light spreads over the place. Jack thanks his parents and he hugs them tightly. Jack’s parents too hug and kiss him.

Jack learns that no matter how much power an earthling has, it doesn’t become perfect someone thought to be insignificant might just turn out to be a miraculous savior.

By Abdul Haseeb

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Jack And The Magic Stone

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