Hello Me

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Hello Me

Startled by a loud noise behind me,
There stood a person who looked quite like me.
I did not know who was he
“I’m future you”, he said to me.

“Future me! Whippee! How will it be?
Flying cars, rocket shoes, robot teachers, trips to the
Teleportation, clone-machines and mechanical

“Oh no, dear me! Sadly that’s not how it will be!
Pollution, deforestation, global warming and
divided nations!
All is lost because of the loons, goons and
rampaging baboons!”

“Hear me and heed me well….
The future is in your hands I tell.
Today’s choices are tomorrow’s consequences
So beware! Choose wisely, choose carefully….
You owe it to your future self….”

By Joshua Job Abraham

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Hello Me

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