If I Lived In An Igloo

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If I Lived In An Igloo

One day, me and my three friends went to Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan and zoo in Mumbai. There we saw some penguins walking and swimming. But we had no chance to touch them and know about their body that they are cold or warm. We also wanted to play with them. We think that they should be cold since they liv in that region.

So, we all decided to visit Antartica. In a month, we went to Antartica and the next night we reached our hotel. We ate our dinner and slept early at night because the spot was very far away. The next day we got ready on time. We carried 5-6 water bottles, enough food for us to eat, jackets, gloves and caps in our bags. We travelled by car. When we reached our destination, we wore our caps and jackets as it was very cold there. We also carried our bags there.

First, we touched them but they were warm because they had a fur-like material on their body. Then we wore our gloves and started playing with them. After some time, snowfall had started heavily. Then we asked our driver to drop us at the hotel but he said “The car is not able to move in the snow.” So, we started discussing with the penguins about this. As we started discussing, the driver drove the car to his home. He had cheated us. We asked the penguins that what to do now, so they told, “We can build an igloo and we can stay in it.” So, we all started building an igloo. But the thing was that we needed to make it larger because we were three and other three penguins and it took much time. Fortunately, till we built the igloo, the snowfall had stopped. After building it, we all went inside it and took a rest. At night, we felt hungry so we took our bags and started eating it. We asked the penguins but they declined since they ate different food.

From the next day, we started searching for the vehicles which passed from there but no vehicle was coming there. At last, after one day a car passed from there. So, we asked the driver to drop us at the hotel and the driver agreed. We all thanked our new friends, the penguins for their kind help and we all went back. But we would never forget penguins for they helped us in such situation.

By Swara Kulsange

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If I Lived In An Igloo

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