Guess My Name

Guess My Name

Guess My Name

It was a fine winter afternoon; I was sitting in the batter bowl with the rest of my batter buddies. Out of the blue, the chef grabbed me and threw me in boiling hot oil. Hisssss……. Oh how hot it was! The chef tossed me in a sweet rose syrup, he could have been more gentle! I turned into a sweet dish with a chewy inside and crystallized sugar exterior coating in a coiled shape. The chef put me into a bag and gave it to a man. Inside the bag, I was with a few of my cousins, we all were tossed and turned because of how the man was swinging the bag back and forth. Finally, the bag was open!

Ugh…… How sticky I looked! I saw a girl rush up to the bag, The man called the girl Ashlen! She took my cousin Antonio out of the bag and devoured him with a smile on her face, so did the man. Their faces were filled with glee. R.I.P Antonio and Saldano. They lived a happy, 5 hour life.

“ These are sooooo tasty!” said Ashlen. She said it tasted amazing. She ate it and said it was the best thing she had ever tasted! “It is sweet, chewy, crunchy and juicy all at the same time! “ Wow! What a sweet, rosy, sugary smell coming from it, how pleasant!” Quoted Ashlen. She reached her hand into the bag. Ahhhh! Am I going to get eaten?! Before I vanish into thin air ,would you like to guess who I am? That would be fun! See you on my next adventure!

Answer : Jalebi

Jalebi, is an Indian sweet made of a coil of batter fried and steeped in syrup . It is generally prepared during weddings and festivals. Jalebi, also known as Zulbia and Zalabia, in some parts of the Indian subcontinent, West Asia, North Africa, and East Africa.

By Ashlen Verma

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Guess My Name

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