Friendship In Jurassic World

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Friendship In Jurassic World

Many moons ago there were six teenagers chosen for an adventure camp. The camp was in Isla Nulbar Island, deep in the Pacific Ocean. Six teenagers are Darius, Kenji, Brooklyn, Yaz, Sammy and Ben. The camp was a theme park called Jurassic World which was full of dinosaurs. These six teenagers were strangers.

Among these teenagers, Darius was a smart guy and his passion was Dinosaurs. Brooklyn was 13 years old, a social media star. Yaz was shy and kept to herself but is strong girl, an athlete and well disciplined. Kenji was a rich boy, born with privileges. Sammy was extrovert, loud and talkative. Ben was a bookish and a sensitive kid.

As part of the camp, they were given rides in the theme park. Suddenly all dinosaurs escaped from their cage.

They tried to escape but couldn’t. They are estranged on the island while they try to survive in the wild with savage monsters all around them. Now these six kids need to go from being complete strangers to become friends and then family.

Over a period of events things changed. They understood the need for each other and to help each other.

Kenji became the leader of group as he knows the way around. Darius becomes the co-leader since he knows a lot about dinosaurs and cares of them. Yaz became the backbone of the group. Gradually Ben became so brave which no one could have ever so imagined.

They forego their fears, became confident, became true friends and came out of the camp alive.

By Pulkit Kalra

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Friendship In Jurassic World

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