Embracing Your Inner Beauty

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Embracing Your Inner Beauty

Scene 1: (School corridor)

Narrator: At present, Kavya is being bullied by the school bullies while her own friends were just Watching her in anger.

Kiara: Wht is even the point of Crying now haa, PEPPERONI PIZZA!!
(shows Kavya the post)
Isn’t this you???
Just that you are alot more uglier in this picture than in real life coz this is your real identity(and points at the picture)! THE UGLY ONE!

(Other two bullies give a smirk)

Narrator: Flashback, Just a few minutes Prior

Kiara: Uff! There comes the BEAUTY QUEEN! (points at Kavya who is talking ND laughing with her friends in the corridor)
I Envy her soo much, how can she look soo good ND perfect!!
Everybody likes her ND wants to be her friend, I don’t understand what is soo special in her except the looks?

Rohan: Whatever it is, I don’t like to be around her at all because she already has created enough crowd for herself!

Aaron: Yea! Even I don’t like to be around her. I always find something fissy about her whenever I see her and Last night I saw a post on internet in which the girl looks just like Kavya (shows the phone to Kiara and Rohan)

Kiara: (Stares at the Picture for a Few minutes ND then shouts) OH MY GOD!!Haven’t you guys noticed yet, THIS IS Kavya!! Now it makes more sense!! This girl has been hiding her actual face by wearing make up to school everyday and someone has exposed Her in the internet already!! Looks like it’s time to expose her now in school ( Smirks)

Rohan: How are we gonna do that this time though?

Kiara: Just wait and watch !!

Narrator: Kiara pulls Kavya in front of everyone in the corridor and starts Shouting while Kavya is puzzled

Kiara: TO everyone Who is present in the corridors!!
May I have you your attention Guys!!
Can I now know the difference between Kavya and this girl in the Picture ( shows the picture to everyone)

Narrator: Kavya looks at the picture and was too stunned to speak anything ND even tries to run away from there but Kiara pulls Kavya by her hands and forces her to stay

Kavya: Please let me go! Don’t do this with me !!

Kiara: OH no! Not at all! Let everybody know your little secret of how are you Faking yourself in the school NEWBIE!! And I suppose nobody would even wanna be near you once they get to know you

Tiah: What are you talking about Kiara?? Stop this nonsense and let Kavya go right now!

Aaron: Ohh! Soo even you don’t know anything about her and call Kavya your friend, seems like you wouldn’t want to once you’ll hear this!

Tanya: what do you even mean ??

Kiara: Have patience Nerdies!!! Let me tell you all!! Soo this pretty looking ND loving Kavya whom you all must know her for is in reality, wears makeup on her face and actually looks this ugly, Full fo acne ND so many breakdowns! She just hides it with her makeup ND pretends to look beautiful soo that she can grab everyone’s attention ND In a way she is cheating you all.

Aaron: especially on you both Tanya ND Tiah!! Wht a fake friend were you both with, she just used your friendship.

(The crowd in the corridor starts gossiping whereas Kavya fell on her knees ND starts weeping ND sobbing seeing her own friends being now offended and annoyed at her)

Kavya:(while crying) Guys just give a chance to explain.. tiah and Tanya I didnt…

Kiara:(interrupts) Wht is even the point of Crying now haa, PEPPERONI PIZZA!! U ARE NOW EXPOSEDD!!!!
(shows Kavya the post)
Isn’t this you??? Just that you are alot more uglier in this picture than in real life coz this is your real identity(and points at the picture)! THE UGLY ONE!

Narrator: Tanya and tiah were speechless whereas Apporva ma’am overhears the conversation in the corridor ND takes the necessary actions In the corridor by sending everyone else back to their classes.

Ms. Apporva: Everyone!! Pls maintain silence and go back to your classes, break is now over! And Kiara, Rohan and Aron I want you both in principals cabin for creating a scene in the corridor

Narrator: The bullies hence leave the corridor in anger for Kavya

Ms apporva: Kavya, I overheard your conversations with Kiara and others…

Kavya: I’m sorry ma’am but I don’t wanna talk about it from now on (exit)

Scene 2:

Narrator: After the School Ms Apporva start searching for Kavya, but Kavya quickly runs back home ignoring Ms. Apporva’s Calling. Kavya hasn’t appeared to school since a week and now Kavya’s brother comes to school to have a word regarding Kavya.

Kavya’s brother: Good morning maam, I am actually here to talk with you regarding wht happened with Kavya in the school that day

Ms apporva: Hello! It’s good to see you here! I was also concerned about Kavya and why isn’t she coming to school since then?

Kavya’s brother: Well, to begin with she has locked herself up in her room ever since she came back from school that day and barely opened up about anything, our parents tried consoling her and after alot of efforts she finally shared with us about wht exactly happened and we all are now trying to console her, cheer her and send her back to school but she barely is getting ready for that

Ms. Apporva: I understand both of your sides now, Can I for once try consoling Kavya today and see if anything works?

Kavya’s Brother: I really hope this would help Kavya understand that things are not just about outer appearances and looks.

Narrator: Later that evening Ms. Apporva visits Kavya’s house to console her

Kavya:( nervous) WHT?! Apporva ma’am I wasn’t expecting U to be visiting me, are u here to complain my parents about my fake Ness again??

Ms Apporva: No dear! In fact I’m here to have a chat with u

Kavya: ma’am I dont think I’ll ever join the school back again

Ms. Apporva: Do u know the meaning if Embracing ur inner beauty??

Kavya: Umm No! But ma’am…

Ms apporva: Now listen to me Very carefully and make sure u never forget this, To embrace your beauty means to accept yourself the way you’re. Some people are not beautiful according to the standards which the society has made for us but they have high self-esteem. When your self-esteem is high, you wouldn’t worry whether you’re beautiful or not. What you do is to accept yourself as nature made you and focus on why you’re created into the world.

Kavya:(Sad and curious) What about my self esteem then?
How shall I feel confident when I look this awful?

Ms. Apporva: Self esteem can be grown by realizing and

focusing on what you have other than what you lack. Just forget about the looks for a Few minutes and concentrate on what your really good at, Most people won’t know about your skill since your new in this school and I’m sure nobody would
even know about it since you’ve I assume never told anyone, now focus on that skill more than your looks.
How are you feeling now??

Kavya: A little less insecure and a little more confident.

Ms Apporva: See, and now your already growing your self- esteem. Growing ur self Esteem also means to praise yourself, to love yourself, and tell yourself that you’re just beautiful the way you’re. I think this is a shallow meaning of it. When you embrace yourself the way you’re, you’re bound to do many exploits, because you wouldn’t be so obsessed with how you’re made.
Kavya, I really hope your understanding wht I’m trying to say

Kavya: Umm Yes ma’am! I shall think about it

Ms Apporva: I will be eagerly to see the changed Kavya in the school now.

Narrator: Just a Day after, there was a minute of silence in the class when everyone saw Kavya in her original face, without the makeup on

Student 1: Uhh God! Now I understood why you used to wear makeup all the time. Didn’t expected you be like this.

Narrator: Kavya just gives a smile to the student and moved towards her friends

Tanya: Kavya?? Is this really You?

Kavya: Guya I’m really sorry for…

Tiah: Don’t worry about that. Apporva ma’am has explained both of us about your problem.

Tanya: Yea! We’re just feeling sad about the fact that you weren’t even honest to Us when the whole time we considered you as our closest friend.

Kavya: OH! I’m sorry for that and I really mean it.
Let’s just say I was lacking my self esteem.

Tiah: Ohh Okay!?

Narrator: And thus the Trio reunites with Kavya learning a BIG lesson in her life.

By Aarya Abhyankar

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Embracing Your Inner Beauty

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