My Dad

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My Dad

I have the most important man present in
my life,

He calls my mother his better half and his

He is very selfless and can do anything for
my happiness,

He want me to have more and is always
happy with the less.

He struggle, struggle and struggle still have
broad smile when I am with him,

Whatever the situation is, he never let my
motivation and sparkle dim..

He just want me to stay happy and focus on
my education,

He had tears in his eyes as now i am his
only expectation..

He still treat me as the child of two or three

Believe it or not losing him is my scariest
nightmare and fear…

I seriously don’t know how he manage
everything with so ease,

He becomes child with me and have fun,
laugh and tease…

No man can ever love me more than him,
He want me to learn everything whether to swim or gym…

I respect him so much as I have seen him in
his lowest,

I must say this that he is not only physically
but also mentally the strongest..

I can write on him any number of pages and
multiple books,

He is the only man who see my nature and
not my looks..

He is ok when I am crazy or sometimes
angry and mad,

I have the most important man present in
my life and i call him “MY DAD”.

Jigyasa Chaturvedi

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My Dad

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