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In the realm of laziness, where I reside,
A master of procrastination, I confide.
I’m the champion of sitting still,
An expert in the art of chilling at will.

I wake up late, with a groan and a yawn,
Eager to embrace the day, and then it’s gone.
I make grand plans in my comfy bed,
But the gravitational force keeps me misled.

Exercise? Nah, that’s not my scene,
I’d rather be the reigning couch potato queen.
Remote control my scepter, snacks my crown,
In my kingdom of comfort, there’s no frown.

I’ve mastered the art of doing nothing,
No task too small or too daunting.
Cleaning the house? A distant thought,
I’ll let the dust bunnies freely trot.

I’m a legend in the realm of lazy,
The laziest of them all, they say.
But amidst the laziness and the fun,
I’ll probably start tomorrow, and get things done!

By Alexander Reyes

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