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L- Living
I- Intentionally
F- For
E- Excellence

For me life is full of love and happiness, it happens only when I myself am happy and a lovely person who deals with it. It’s like an ice-cream; enjoy it before it melts because life has various stages and we all have to pass through it. While passing through, it teaches us to love, to be strong, to be punctual, to be patient and to grab the chance we get through it. It’s easy to deal or live the life you live with your heart and it’s too difficult if you run after one thing and you don’t get it. So, why to spoil our precious life which is a gift of God.

I saw many people only talking about business, money, luxuries or gossips about other people but I don’t understand why people don’t try to live in what they have and to be happy and satisfied with that in their life. For me life is full of opportunities only the thing is to hit a proper sixer/ four on a proper batting. I know everybody’s life has sorrow, problems and situations where they try to cope up but are unable to do so ; it’s okay !

We have to be very patient and understand the life and its problem as after every night there’s morning and vice versa, it does not mean that the problem will stay for a long time; definitely its going to say goodbye one or the other day. It’s we people who don’t understand the simple logic because we need everything all at once and we don’t adjust with what we have.

As coin has two sides, it’s same with life, it also has its own ups and downs that does not mean you be happy when you have everything and sad, angry, jealous and frustrated when you don’t have anything. A real human being is the one who always takes care of his precious life which is a magical gift to him by God let he be rich or poor in any situation he would always be thankful to God.

Life is full of precious moments and as we know precious moments are like a collection box of our old favorite things, we remember them once in a while and they surely make us feel happy. Let life be like a flower which blossoms and gives happiness by its beauty and fragrance and then it dies off happily seeing people happy with it.

According to me, one should accept what he has and how much he has in his life, only after that he would be able to find a way to enjoy the life. Always give importance to your life and not to the person because the importance you give to the person, they do not value the importance of your life and time. So , as it’s said life is precious; spend it with the ones you care about.

In life you have to keep moving forward because you wouldn’t have the same life twice, once its gone ;its gone . That’s why losing people makes us aware that everyday is a gift of life and the only thing that is more precious than life is life. Life might not be easy, but it surely is precious.

Time in our life is like water , the lighter things float and heavier items stay at the bottom .So , always think high , work for it at any cost .If you want to fly high , think high don’t be scared instead be like an eagle who tries to fly higher even in the storm by facing all the odds. Always be satisfied with whatever you have in life , the one who is satisfied is always a happy and satisfied person and shines like a gem even in between a crowd of thousand people.

We should always remember that our Life is very short, we all are aging day by day or I can say we are losing every new day when it comes to its end and then another day starts. So it’s just a matter of time, how we look at our Life. Time never stops for anyone, we must value our time, value each and every second of your life, take time to Love, take time to heal, to joy, to spread happiness.

Life is very precious, each breath we are taking is very precious, we have to value this, we do not know at which moment of our life suddenly there will be silence, so live it with Love, Peace, and make it joyful. This life is all about our vision how we see it, how we make our life either by worrying or we can live happily and trust God.

There is a fact that you cannot buy time even if you have billions of dollars, Live the moment right now, you can make money, you can make more money, you can get another high-income job, and that is good too, It doesn’t mean that you leave your job and enjoy, but I just want to say, enjoy with what you have, enjoy in every situation.

Life is not easy I agree but it’s not that difficult as much as we think of and if you want happiness, So you learn to give happiness to others, your friends, family, and also to people who are craving for some love. The more you spread — the more it will increase. Take time to appreciate, take time to give a smile, You will feel stress free from inside. Life is awesome when you start to live every moment of your life by knowing that it is a very precious gift of God.

Don’t wait for a festival or don’t wait for any occasion or birthday, because you have Life and that’s a big reason to celebrate or to enjoy it. Don’t bound your life with certain occasions and enjoy every moment. We can’t even imagine how precious this life is.

We don’t even know how much our time is left on the Earth. So don’t wait for any occasion just say to yourself that ‘‘I am alive and my life is more valuable than any occasion’’. So why not you can celebrate it right now, why not you can make delicious food and enjoy right now, why not you can smile right now, why not you can look to yourself and say thanks to God for this Beautiful Life.

I wish if it happens that those who are in graves can tell you the importance of life but they can’t. So, be thankful for what you have, you have no idea how many people would love to have, what you have got. Now is the day Live it Now, the family that needs you spend more time now, the money you ought to give — give it now, people you ought to witness do it now, You Love someone tell him/her now, If you feel to say sorry for something, apologize now, you want say thank you to someone say it now, Just appreciate the person you Love then watch their smile, Every time the clocks ticks it seems to say now, don’t complicate your life just love it.

Love people, value your loved ones because this is a real truth that I saw many people who don’t value the good people around them or at their work and family, at their circle of Life, but more often they regret it after someone left the world, they regret about their bad behaviors towards them, they regret about not to enjoy with them, they regret about to not live fully with them. There is a saying “LOVE IS LIFE AND LIFE IS LOVE”.

Our Happiness does not depend on our conditions, some people find happiness in every situation they face. I know a person, he was not well, he was in a hospital but by his face, you cannot say he is sick or something but instead, he boosted my energy and said to me with a smiling face that ‘hey my friend this pain is temporary, and it is not that tough and I’m all good because God is with me even in my hard times and I’m happy. So this is what is called faith, happiness, joyfulness, and teaches us what life is.

On the other hand, we see many people even when a little problem came in their Life and they talk about how hard their life is. So it’s just based on how we look at our Life, our vision towards life. One important fundamental rule of life is “TO LET GO ”. Unless you forgive yourself , the situation and the realization of the situation is over , you cannot move forward in life.

Let always the problems be light like a feather and easy like a flower to be plucked by following these things you can bring a smile on your face and happiness to your heart Smile and tell your thoughts to be quiet and not to ruin you by thinking too much; smile even in the toughest times as that’s called an Extra Ordinary Life.

Life does not stop for anyone, it’s like a clock which goes on moving non-stop. It’s we who always have to see the situation and deal according to it. Always stay calm, cool and sweet like sugar in life , you never know when the miracles can occur. Life is nothing but the karma you deserve from previous hold of life; I firmly believe in it.

Never run behind anything in life as said by my parents because the more you run, the more it appears far as running behind it you leave love, emotions, care, feeling, relations and humanity. At last you have only money with you for which you ran life long and as said money can’t buy everything for you.

Life gives you many opportunities it depends upon how you take it, utilize it and live your life with humanity in your heart. In life never sit idle and ask God to fulfill your demand and dreams that’s not for what we are here . If you want something which you never had or ever dreamed of it, you have would have to do something which you have never done.

Always have a balance between your spiritual life and your material life because both help you to lead a successful and a balanced life which is very important for an individual to understand the real meaning of life. My dad says life must not be judged on how long it is but on how valuable it is. Life is like a river that goes on flowing similarly we humans also shouldn’t stop facing the situations and instead face it with strength and courage.

Life has happiness and sorrow which are like the two sides of a coin without which our lives is incomplete. Life is just a never-ending war that can be won at anytime to overcome one’s grief it is necessary to find happiness in ones life. Life is a very valuable gift which is given by God to us, we must be thankful to him for giving us such a precious gift.

Life is not only valuable for human but it is also equally valuable for other living beings also.A true meaningful life is not about being rich , being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real, being humble, being generous, being able to share ourselves and touch the life’s of others. So, it means that life is all about balance , what to hold onto , what to let go .

It’s for sure if we balance our life properly and understand how precious it is , it’s easy to deal life in any situation.

Last but not the least “always learn to live your life to the fullest !!! ”

By Alina Khimani

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