Essay – My Awesome Diwali Vacation

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Essay – My Awesome Diwali Vacation

Diwali vacation is like the coolest time ever! When the school bell rings for the last time, my heart goes super fast because I know fun and excitement are on the way.

First, everything turns into a rainbow! Lights twinkle everywhere, colorful designs appear on the ground, and the yummy smell of sweets fills the air. It’s like our whole neighborhood becomes a magical place.

The best part is hanging out with family. We all work together to make tasty sweets, and my mom is like a pro at lighting up little lamps called diyas. Our home feels so happy and full of love during Diwali.

Then, there are fireworks! Bursting crackers with friends and family makes the night sky explode with colors. It’s like a giant party in the air, and I can’t stop smiling.

Oh, and the food! Diwali snacks are like a feast. Crunchy chaklis and yummy Kaju Katli make my taste buds dance. Diwali vacation is like a yummy adventure for my tummy!

We also learn cool stories about Diwali, like the one about Lord Rama and Goddess Lakshmi. It’s not just stories but about doing good things and being nice to others.

When Diwali vacation ends, I feel a little disappoined but the memories of family, fireworks, and delicious food stay with me.

And now I am awaiting for Christmas and New Year.

By Chinmay Bhat

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Essay – My Awesome Diwali Vacation

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