The Zombie Apocalypse

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The Zombie Apocalypse

Once, there lived a Zombie King named Zach in his kingdom in Zombie Land. He was always irritated and agitated as the zombies he sent to Human Land were being killed by a man named Steve.

One night, he decided to put an end to this. He needed to activate his last and most powerful weapon. He sneaked out of his bedroom and crept into the backyard. He muttered something under his breath in zombie language and out of nowhere appeared steps leading to a secret underground passage. He went down the steps and dashed through the passage. At the end, there was an enormous room with statues of zombies on both sides. At the end of the room was a gigantic statue of a zombie wearing a crown. Zach muttered something in zombie language. In a blink of an eye, sparks of green light emitted from the statue and powered Zach. There was a box near the feet of the statue. Zach opened it and found a trident in it. He took the trident out of the box and another one appeared in it. He had an infinite supply of tridents. Taking the box and the trident, he went out in the backyard and closed the passage. He sneaked back into his bedroom and kept the box under the bed. The tired king then dozed off to sleep.

The next day, in the great hall, the king called his leftover zombies from their rooms. When everyone was in the hall, he noticed that there were only about a thousand zombies left. He started emitting the same green sparks that had emitted from the statue. Zombies started spawning out of nowhere. In a few minutes, the hall was jam packed with zombies. There were millions of them. The king saw the overcrowded hall and stopped spawning the zombies. He started handing out tridents from the box till all of them got a trident. He then ordered them to go to Human Land and kill Steve. All of them at once disappeared from the hall.

They all arrived in a village in the Human Land. All of the villagers were petrified and stunned, except Steve. The others froze on the spot but Steve climbed onto a tree near a river. All zombies followed him but they had an inability to climb so they were stuck at the ground. Steve thought he would never get down. He then shouted “Get off me, all of you!” but the zombies were only following Zach’s orders and would not budge from the spot. They eventually figured out their inability to climb and started throwing tridents at Steve. He started dodging them and shouted “Help me, villagers!” but they were frozen on the spot. The zombies were continuously throwing tridents on him, but he was too good to dodge them. Suddenly, he saw a boat on the river bank and an idea struck to him. He leaped into the water, climbed on to the boat and got away.

The king was checking on Steve from a camera he had put into the leader zombie. He groaned “Foolish things!” as he saw Steve escape. He decided to go and challenge Steve himself. Steve got a sigh of relief. He rowed his boat effortlessly but Zach teleported right into his boat. Steve punched him on the face as soon as he appeared and found a trident in his boat. He immediately took the trident while Zach was trying to recover. He threw the trident powerfully on to Zach’s nose and Zach died. With this, he saw that in the distance all the zombies died too.

The villagers were all rejoiced. That night, they had a huge feast in the smack center of the village. They all now led a peaceful life with no zombies to worry about.

By Janay Modi

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The Zombie Apocalypse

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