My First Five Star Hotel Stay

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My First Five Star Hotel Stay

I’m a 9 year old boy from an ordinary family. A few months back I travelled to Bangalore and stayed in a five star hotel. The hotel was called Courtyard by Marriott. It was huge and looked luxurious.

The lobby was ginormous with eight sofas and very expensive, decorative lights. There were also lots of plants and a water fountain. When we entered the hotel I could see there were guards checking people entering the hotel. It had a big checking machine. There were people welcoming
me with big smiles on their faces. I felt so excited to get in.

The food there was awesome. The food was amazing because they make the food fresh and it is incredibly delicious. The food I ate was Karnataka special. It was special because in Karnataka, chefs add jaggery in foods such as Chutney and Sambar. The food court was royal and I saw people
with fashionable clothes, mostly Indians but a lot of foreigners too. They were all eating happily and talking. Me and my brother were the only kids so we got extra attention. I felt like a king because the waiters and chefs addressed me as “Sir”.

We had two rooms. Each room had a king sized bed,a tv,a bathroom,a safe,a cupboard and a lamp. If we ever leave the room, it is magical to see the room becoming clean when we come back. There were also notes from the cleaning people and it made me feel glad.

I really enjoyed the stay because it was my long time wish to stay in a five star hotel.

By Hayagreev Aravindhan

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My First Five Star Hotel Stay

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