Uttarayan - Kite Flying - Poem - Little Authors


The sky is bright, the air is cool
On this day, the kites do rule
Their vibrant colors, soaring high
Against the blue, against the sky

The breeze is gentle, the laughter loud
As children run, their feet so proud
They chase the kites, with all their might
On this day, they take to flight

The adults too, they join in play
Their worries left, their hearts astray
They laugh and dance, they feel alive
On this day, they truly thrive

The sun is warm, the sky so clear
On this day, there is no fear
Just joy and laughter, love and cheer
On this day, we all hold dear

So let us celebrate, let us embrace
This special day, with hearts in place
For on this day, we all are free
To be our best, to be happy.

By Vihaan Shah

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