Saints and Sinners

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Saints and Sinners

In every heart, there lies a tale,
Of choices made and roads to scale,
For every saint who shines so bright,
Once stumbled in the dark of night.

A past they carry like a weight,
Of mistakes made and chances late,
But still they rise, and still they shine,
Their scars and flaws, a grand design.

And every sinner, too, holds dear,
A future bright, yet still unclear,
For though they’ve stumbled on their way,
Hope springs eternal with each new day.

No life is perfect, no path is straight,
We all have choices, to make and take,
And in those choices, we define,
The path we walk, the life we design.

So let us look with kinder eyes,
On those who’ve fallen, who’ve told their lies,
For in their hearts, redemption waits,
A future bright, beyond the gates.

For every saint has a past to tell,
And every sinner a future to excel,
So let us walk with hope and grace,
And see the beauty in each face

Sukanya Ghosh

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Saints and Sinners

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