My New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution

In the land of twelve where dreams take flight
I gaze ahead at the brand-new light.
This year oh the wonders I’ll explore
In adventures untold I’ll seek and more.

With backpack on and sneakers laced
I’ll venture forth with joy embraced.
To hills and valleys rivers wide
In nature’s arms I’ll take my stride.

New friendships bloom like flowers sweet
In the schoolyard where friends I’ll meet.
Together we’ll laugh learn and play
Creating memories that stay.

Homework challenges may come my way
But with grit and determination I’ll sway.
Books and knowledge I’ll embrace
Unlocking wisdom at my own pace.

Family moments love so true
In laughter and tears we’ll see it through.
A bond that strengthens day by day
In the warmth of love I’ll find my way.

This year as twelve unfolds its grace
I’ll navigate challenges find my place.
With dreams to chase and goals to near
A thirteen year-old stepping into the year.

By Vihaan Shah

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My New Year Resolution

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