All You Need To Know – Space Vehicles

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All You Need To Know – Space Vehicles

Introduction : A space-vehicle is the combination of a spacecraft and its launch vehicle which brings it into space. The first space-vehicles were expendable launch systems, using a single or multistage rocket to carry a relatively small spacecraft in proportion to the total vehicle size and mass.

How they work : We launch satellites and spacecraft into space by placing them on rockets carrying a whole lot of propellants. These propellants give the rocket enough energy and speed to boost away from Earth’s surface and fly out of the atmosphere. Because of the pull of Earth’s gravity,the largest and heaviest spacecraft need the biggest rockets and the most propellent.

What they do : Spacecraft used for human spaceflight carry people on board as crew or passengers from start or on orbit only, whereas those used for robotic space missions operate either autonomously or telerobotically. Robotic spacecraft that are used to support scientific research are space probes.

What space companies do : The three major sectors of the space industry are satellite manufacturing, support ground equipment manufacturing and the launch industry. The satellite manufacturing sector is composed of satellite and their subsystems manufacturers.

By Siddharth Patil

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All You Need To Know – Space Vehicles

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