Poems for Kids – Poem Writing Tips & Advice

Poems for Kids – Poem Writing Tips & Advice

Poems for Kids – Poem Writing Tips & Advice

So you want to write a poem but aren’t sure where to start? Want some help thinking of poetry ideas to write about? To write a great poem all you need is rhythm and your own imagination. Here are some simple tips for writing a poem.

Start with a Theme

A theme will help you focus on what you’re trying to say. If you’re writing a poem for children, you might choose a favorite animal or character. Or maybe you’d like to write about something that makes you happy. Whatever your theme, make sure it’s consistent throughout the piece.

Choose Words Carefully

Before you start writing your poem, make a list of words that describe your topic. Use your senses to come up with words. What do you smell or hear? What do you see? How do you feel?

Write a Few Lines

Use your list of words to begin writing your poem. Once you’ve written down your thoughts, take a few minutes to read them out loud. You might find that you need to make changes before you publish your work.

Add Some Rhyme

If you’re not familiar with rhyming poetry, try adding rhymes to your poem. This will help your readers understand how words fit together.

Use Line Breaks Deliberately

Line breaks let the reader know when to pause. Line breaks also give rhythm to your poem and contribute to its meaning.

Practice Makes Perfect!

There’s no better way to practice than by reading aloud. You’ll find that as you read more often, you’ll become more comfortable with the rhythm and flow of the language.

So what will your first poem sound like?

Lets Begin !!

By Radhika Iyer

Poems for Kids – Poem Writing Tips & Advice

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