I Am Not Alone

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I Am Not Alone

I’m not alone
am I?
if I was,
then I wouldn’t be writing.

I have something to do,
someone to talk to,
somewhere to go to,
therefore I’m not alone.

There are a lot of tips,
to kill your boredom and loneliness.
plenty of them,
some of them are inspiring,
motivational, even eco friendly.

But I don’t need them.
because I’m not alone.
I am neither alone nor accompanied.
I’m somewhere in between.

Somewhere in between,
like somewhere in between
the sky and the earth.
the space and the earth.

I’m not alone.
because something is there in me
which keeps me alive.
someone is in me
who keeps me motivated.

A desire to live and keep going.

By Ann Tony

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I Am Not Alone

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