A Special Hero

A Special Hero

A Special Hero

A man so bold, brave and big,
Was the first to hold me upright
Whenever I fall or fell sick,
And always recharge me with might.

He’s one in a million,
A Life coach and a trainer
Who works to make me a champion,
And strive harder to be a leader.

I am just a daughter,
In whom, only he saw a potential.
When I’m just trying to grow better,
He could see in me, something special.

As far as I can remember,
It was he who was there for me,
At every step, to tell me to ponder
The words that could harm me.

He encourages me, to reach my goal,
Only he sees the true scars,
Deep within my soul.
Only he feels my blood, sweat and tears

From all my hardships and efforts.
Not many people can say
They have a true friend,
But with immense joy, I say
I have the best companion with me till the end.

That one person who I can count on,
Is he, who I proudly call “daddy”
Who is fearless
And works tireless.

To me he is a precious treasure,
For he showed what’s right and not.
To me he is a soldier,
Who cares and protects me a lot.
To thank him, simple words are useless,
for he guided me with all his love.

With great delight I now say,
“Today and every day,
I assure you daddy,
I’ll make you proud and happy.
Worry not, for these, are the words of your young lady.”

By Ardra Binoth Lonen

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A Special Hero

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