Teacher Not less than mom or dad,Controls us when we go mad Works for us selflessly,Works for us endlessly Never thought about her own self,Always there ready for us to help We come to teacher to learn and grow,She welcomes warmly and the affection and love she show She always tries and never loses her […]

A Student’s Life

A Student’s Life Student’s life is not hardIt all starts with an admission card!From nursery to twelve friends we makeEven in the hardest time we share our lunch in break! Some stay some leaveSometimes it is hard to believeSometimes we leave our old school to try a new oneAfter sometimes with new friends I start […]

Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day Every day, I rejoice and I come to school, I come to learn and I come to bloom, So many subjects I get to explore, But what touches me most is the love and the care that you show. Teachers, they’re like the closest touch,Teachers, they’ll help you get to the crust,Teachers, […]

Teacher Took My iPad

Teacher Took My iPad My teacher took my iPad said she had a rule I couldn’t bring to class or even to school She said she would return itlater in the dayBut she tried the headphoneand in mistake clicked on play She looked a little startledbut after playing for a whileShe made sure we were […]

My Teacher

My Teacher I came to your class To learn and grow But touched me most Is the love you showed Some learnings were difficultBut you ensured that I excelledYou taught me how to copeAnd I grew my confidence and hope I always enjoyed your classIt was the best in schoolFor me you are an awesome […]

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