Panchatantra Stories

The Timeless Wisdom of Panchatantra Stories

The Timeless Wisdom of Panchatantra Stories: Why They Are Good for All Ages In the rich tapestry of ancient Indian literature, the Panchatantra stories hold a special place. Dating back over two millennia, these fables continue to captivate readers of all ages with their timeless wisdom and moral lessons. Lets explore the reasons why Panchatantra […]

The Loyal Mongoose

The Loyal Mongoose Once there was a farmer who lived with his wife and his infant son in a village. The farmer and his wife loved their son very much. One day, while returning from the fields, the farmer found a little mongoose lying near the road. It looked pale and hurt. The farmer picked […]

The Four Friends

The Four Friends There were four friends who lived deep inside a forest. The four friends were: a deer, a crow, a mole and a tortoise. They would meet every afternoon under a shady banyan tree and talk for hours. One day, the deer did not turn up at the usual time. The mole, tortoise […]

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