The Boy And His Dog

The Boy And His Dog Once a boy and his dog were sitting, looking through the garden and the boy said this would be a perfect spot for a party. So they went to the shop and bought 50 lollypops, 200 varieties of soft drink, and 25 board games. But then he stopped and thought […]

Bring Your Pet Day

Bring Your Pet Day I had my backpack on my back and a leash in my hand. It was “Bring Your Pet to School” day! This was the first time the school had such event. Everyone was surprised but wanted to show off their pets. My dog Boomer was happily trotting beside me as we […]

The Four Naughty Ones

The Four Naughty Ones There was once four penguins living in the coldest part of North Pole. They were too excited to go to the tropical areas in order to see the human lives. They were Manny, Lui, Guan & Sally. They were the most adventurous penguins! One day a helicopter was passing by where […]

The Night Out

The Night Out You can see it on our merry face,Our energy can’t be controlled,Fun levels are over the roof,Our happiness knows no bounds! As we sit down and enjoy a chat,With friends both old and new,Maybe play a round of Sequence, Chess,Or flip an UNO Card around! The sound of murmurs echo through these […]

Favourite Color Green

Favourite Color Green I love the color greenLike celery and green beansI love to drink green teaAnd sometimes I wonder what to see A cute green dinosaur is what I wantSo I can take him to my favorite restaurantWhere we can eat green pudding and cakeAnd top it up with an ice-cream shake I love […]

Little Boss

Little Boss My little boss,Just received some loss. That’s my little brother,Not like any other. Loss of candy,That’s a little tangy. My bro likes ice,He would ask it thrice. His favourite colour is blue,A brother will always stand by you. My little boss is very cute,Just like the tune of the flute. Locker for all […]

The Holiday

The Holiday The sun was about to rise on Farmer Bill’s farm. Tom Chicken woke up the cows with his important news. “The chickens are taking a holiday today,” Tom Chicken said.“Is that so?” said Minnie the cow. “What is the special occasion?”“We worked too hard this week,” Tom said.“You did?” asked Minnie.“Yes! We laid […]

The Wizard of Math

The Wizard of Math In the shadow of the evening, Came the wizard of Math, Peering into the windows, From inside his crooked hat, Saw the children all sleeping, Every youngster but one, For he was poring over his algebra, Shaking his head, all confused, In the flicker of the nightlight,The wizard disappeared,Then re-emerged a […]

I Love Chocolate

I Love Chocolate I love chocolate, yes I do ! Yummy chocolate, here’s a few Pudding, cookies, pies and cakes Or in big glass of thick cream shake A little cup of cocoa on a winter day To make to you warm like a sunny hay Oh, don’t forget there is ice cream too! I […]

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